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Safety Circus Visits Beaconsfield

​Beaconsfield year three students learning some important safety messages at the circus.
The Safety Circus is in town, and Beaconsfield State School year three students were lucky enough to see them perform in their own school. The Safety Circus team loved performing for the year three students  who were an excellent audience. The students helped Jessie (the main character) to find her mum after she lost her at the circus, and together they learnt lots of new safety skills.
Safety Circus showed the students all about how to stay safe when riding their bikes, scooters and skateboards, and how they know to always clip your helmet up and act just like a car would on the road (stop at traffic lights and stick to the left). Students also learnt about how they can help their friends out if they are ever being bullied. They can use the distracting method, that is taking the focus off the person who is being picked on, and if it continues they should definitely tell a trusted adult. Finally, they learnt all about listening to their bodies and the funny butterflies that can be in their tummies if they’re feeling unsafe. They know all about their five safety networks and that each finger is another trusted adult that can listen and help. Safety Circus would like to thank the students and teachers at Beaconsfield State School for having them and hope they enjoyed their time at the circus.